Chris Ramsey pops our stand-up comedy cherries

He’s the guy who got kicked off and banned from Soccer AM for talking about something a little bit naughty. He’s “The most dangerous man on Saturday morning TV”.

If only I was photogenic...

My friend Cheyenne, Mr Chris Ramsey and a very un-photogenic me.

But when Chris Ramsey bounces onto the Gulbenkian’s intimate stage, grinning from ear to ear, he looks like the least dangerous man I’ve ever seen.

He’s a Geordie joker, who, as he puts it, just wants to ‘pop our stand-up comedy cherries’. Bless him.

Without giving too much away, if you want to see some controversial, borderline offensive comedy, that’s not what you’re going to get. He’s no ‘opinion ninja’; his stand up is about real life everyday experiences. He wants you to remember he’s just like you… just a little bit famous.

There’s something so calming about that cheeky chappie Geordie accent and someone who’s so at ease with his ‘gorgeous, gorgeous audience’ (I don’t know who he was looking at) .You can just chuckle away, sure that he’s not going to fluff it up. And even though he did, he made it into the funniest joke of the night.

Other highlights included learning a little bit more about that Soccer AM incident, (YouTube it. Go on, I dare you), a few tips in the best ways to fist bump someone (I recommend googling ‘fist bump jellyfish’ right away) and a radical breakfast invention that went slightly wrong.

Yes, we are indeed pink.

Meet my good friend Carl (and yes, we are indeed pink)

Though Canterbury didn’t offer much in the way of audience participation, Ramsey somehow turned silence into raucous laughter again and again. He handled a heckler with ease (no it wasn’t me) and wrestled a man who got up to leave at the punch line. He’s not afraid to get involved and mix things up a little.

And let’s not forget his support act, Mr Carl Hutchinson. Oh Carl, what a joy to watch a comedian tell cheese jokes. I’ve been waiting a long time for that to happen. He’s definitely one to look out for in the future.

After the gig, Chris and Carl kindly came and chatted to us and although I was a little busy fan girling all the way to the ticket signing table, I did manage to ask a few questions. InQuire exclusive alert: Chris Ramsey thinks Canterbury is “a lovely city with terrible phone signal”. Tell us something we don’t know.

They’re genuinely lovely guys who seemed so humbled that anyone would want to see them perform. And why wouldn’t we? They’re blooming hilarious!