Listen, Watch, Use and Follow

As this week marked my last issue as Entertainment Editor of InQuire, I thought I’d share my Listen, Watch, Use and Follow column with you. It’s something I came up with at the beginning of the year which has proved to be very popular with writers, so I thought I’d have my turn and write it myself. It’s the song, video, app and twitter account that you need for this week’s procrastination. Here’s what I stumbled across:

Listen: #SelfieImage by The Chainsmokers

Somewhere, in some hip and happening place, this duo of DJs are sitting back, counting their dollar and laughing, mocking (and secretly thanking) every selfie-taker out there for helping create this crazily catchy anthem. I love a good selfie. Come on, we all do. But even more than that, I love that The Chainsmokers are making fun of it. I’m just going to listen to it again. But first #LetMeTakeASelfie.


ImageWatch: Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown

It’s the Ellen Degeneres Show, it’s Kristen Bell and it’s her hysterical obsession with sloths. She loves sloths. No, she worships sloths. Well, this is what happened when she came face to face with one. Go to YouTube, type that in and don’t say a word for the next 3 minutes and 42 seconds of sloth mania. Trust me on this. And once you’ve become fully acquainted with it, take a look at the auto-tuned version.


ImageUse: LEGO Movie

The app to end all apps is here. Those multi-coloured plastic blocks awkwardly waddling across the cinema screen was the most exciting thing I’ve seen in the last 12 months. (I’m not one of those cool, indie, artsy editors… I like films about plastic blocks). This app makes dreams come true and letting you create your own LEGO movie with your own figurines. How cool is that?! Mum, send me my LEGO! Now! Who needs a degree anyway?


Follow: @EmrgenImagecyKittens

“Emergency! I need cheerin- awwww a kitten! I feel so much better now”. Yep, that’s right, that’s how it works. Emrgency Kittens is just pictures of kittens and oh so ca-ute ickle puddy cats, there for whenever you need some cheering up. It’s my twitter addiction. I retweet them everywhere so life can be full of cute bundles of fluff… and rainbows and sunshine and unicorns and cuddles. (N.B my life comes with a genuine fear that one day I’ll become that crazy cat lady.)


‘Lego Movie’ photo by Stavos and ‘Kitten’ photo by Julochka


The Travelling Student

I actual7781380900_e4cfd159f0_bly like public transport. Coach, train, tube, whatever. It’s travelling without responsibility. I don’t have to pay for fuel or insurance, just my ticket to wherever I want to go. It’s not that I can’t drive. I can (not very well I’ll admit, it’s always a little bit dicey), but I’d prefer to sit by the window with my headphones in, and a book in my hands.

So why is it that everyone else seems to despise it so much?

Well, have you ever tried travelling on a bank holiday or when the entire country has transformed into a bathtub? I most certainly have. Seeing as the next time I travel home, in just a couple of weeks, it will indeed be another bank holiday, I thought I’d prepare myself (and you) by reliving my past travelling nightmares.

Let me take you back to the festive season,  when once upon a time I very sensibly chose to travel home by tube, train AND coach on the day before Christmas Eve, one of the busiest days of the year and when the clouds had decided to cry over every road I wanted to travel on. A two hour journey took me seven and a half hours.

After a delayed start on my first leg of the journey, knight of the tracks, Mr Train Driver felt it necessary to let every other train pass each junction before him. So when I finally got off the train with just five minutes to spare before my coach left, I naively thought I might actually make it. But three flights of stairs, a ridiculously heavy suitcase and my pitiful strength stood between me and Christmas. Thank you to those of you who stood in my way and refused to help the panic-stricken, struggling girl with her present filled suitcase. You are all off my Christmas card list.

Having made it to the top, looking like I’d just fought my way through a herd of buffalo, I managed to get my case stuck in the turn style and then found that my ticket didn’t work. Ever the optimist I convinced myself my coach and everyone on it has their noses pressed against the coach window, banners and balloons in hand, waiting for my arrival. So I ran, in the pouring rain to the coach station which I now realise is not ‘just down the road’. Thanks for that.

I sprinted with all my luggage only to be held up by the most obnoxious Londoners around. Why stroll down the middle of a busy pavement and just meander from side to side. It felt like the ultimate blockbuster movie. Me against the clock, sprinting for the only coach out of the city before a meteor would strike. It was intense. Unlike the movies, I only made it in time to watch my coach pull away and see the meteor hit. I did not live happily ever after. That could be a slight exaggeration of the truth but my mum certainly thought the end of the world had come when I rang her sobbing convinced I would be spending Christmas in Victoria Coach Station.

Tears and tantrums aside, I did eventually make it home. And in hindsight it was an interesting adventure. It’s all part of the fun of public transport. Picking your way across the country, sitting next to someone different every time and getting to eavesdrop on everyone else’s lives is quite an experience – kudos to the mother teaching her four year old son about the best Class A drugs.

So when you travel home for Easter, take my advice. You have three options: walk all the way home (Google informs me this will take 47 hours. Considering I live nearly 150 miles away I think it’s assumed I’m a racehourse), travel in the middle of the night (obnoxious Londoners may have gone home by then) or unlike me, just travel on a day that isn’t a national holiday. Simple.

(Photo by The Department for Culture, Media and Sport)